“I will learn to poledance and give a demo before 23/12/2018”

Charity: Belgisch Rettsyndroom Vereniging,CommunicatieCoach

super hero Bernard Moriau (Individual-Challenge)


UPDATES 04/10/2018

Op 8 December gaat het gebeuren. Ik zal mijn beloofde optreden geven in het Designcentrum in de Winkelhaak in Antwerpen. Meer details volgen in de nabije toekomst.

UPDATES 02/09/2018

Following a weekly pole-dance training apparently is not sufficient to reach my goal. That is why i have a more serious schedule that I need to complete. On weekly base, i will follow at least one yoga-session (Ashtanga) and i will swim one hour., in addition to the weekly pole-dancing course. For today i managed to swim 2.0 km in an hour (my personal record). I hope this is convincing as an effort for you to sponsor me and the charity goal i selected.