“I will run 800 km in 2018 before 31/12/2018”

Charity: WNF,Help de IJsbeer

super hero Wim Van de Water (Individual-Challenge)


UPDATES 23/06/2018

7 Days to go and the year is halfway. I crossed the 400km milestone, ahead of time. Comfortable feeling, maybe I can stop to enjoy the view or even take a nap while the turtle passes by...

UPDATES 18/05/2018

800km in 1 year. That is 2,2 km every day. Sounds perfectly doable, no? Ok, I'll be honest, I already started this challenge in January. Like the rabbit running ahead. Right now I am at 300 km. That is 2,5km behind schedule. Doesn't sound dramatic, does it? One day to catch up...
But just like buying porn, this challenge was actually started by a friend, Alexis, and I joined his challenge, no big deal, just for free, just for fun.
Now he is running ahead and I have a dip (recurring muscle injuries do not help...) so I decided to publish this challenge to give myself that extra push. And helping ice bears is ALWAYS good, so I hope that motivates you to sponsor and I will feel obliged to hit the road. Harder.