Great News! Fixed fee for Bancontact Payments

Mollie, the payment provider being used by Youlcee, changed their fees. As of today there will be a fixed surcharge of 0.39€ per transaction for Bancontact payments

Bancontact payment

What changes?

Originally the surcharge for each payment was 0.25€ + 1.5% on the amount sponsored. As of now there will be a fixed amount of 0.39€ per transaction.

Each donation exceeding 5 € will become cheaper.

  • Donate 20 € and the surcharge changes from 0.6 to 0.39€ (0.21€ cheaper)
  • For a 50 € donation the surcharge changes from 1 € to 0.39 € (0.61 € cheaper)
  • For a 100 € donation, the surcharge changes from from 1.8 € to 0.39 ( 1.41 € cheaper).

Thank you Mollie and Bancontact for making this change and creating this transparent calculation.


More info to be found on Mollies website

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